Monday, May 19, 2014

A Possible Bigfoot Capture in Mexico?

I came across an article in the 23 Jan. 1907 issue of the Telegraph-Republican newspaper titled “Hairy Wild Man Is Captured in Mexico. As usual, I am immediately drawn to all stories about wild men, and in reading through it, found a few morsels that suggest this may have been another encounter with what we call a Bigfoot today.
A couple of points that I want to draw attention to in this piece is the suggestion that it may have been a human gone demented for one, and the location of his capture in Mexico for two. Frequently we will hear stories of wild men that turn out to be simply men who had gone wild in response to some catastrophic event, usually the rejection of some women. However, there are some where these stories cannot be corroborated, and the details of these stories compel me to give great consideration that the events may actually be depicting encounters with that race of people we call Bigfoot today.

This one in particular suggests the being had no language, at raw food, utilized no fire, and was covered with long shaggy hair, superseding the need for covering of any kind. Many of the wild men caught in the past had at least some kind of covering, if not against the weather, then for modesty’s sake. These stories I place in the pile of wild human class encounters.
The other interesting this is the location of capture, which was in the state of San Luis Potosi, which is located in south central Mexico. An area of little renown, poor in value as well as culture, I find it interesting in that this area is just a few hundred miles from the state of Sinaloa, which is where the famous Julia Pastrana was discovered. Ms Pastrana was exhibited in Europe as a wild woman exhibit. She too was covered in hair. There are some  other details, but we will look at that story some other time.
The point of the potential connection is that this wild man may well have been related to Pastrana. A few hundred miles was a long distance in the 1800’s, but it is still possible for related families to be separated by such a distance as people moved to find a better life elsewhere. Ms Pastrana was found as a slave at a moderate Mexican farm, and her actual parentage was unknown. Supposedly, as the story goes, she was found wandering in the desert by her owners.

However, as usual, I will simply share the story here and let you come to your own conclusion in the truth of this story of the maybe Mexico Bigfoot encounter.

Eats Only Raw Meat and VegetablesAnd Possesses Low Order Of Intelligence.

San Antonio, Tex.__ A wild man, such as has not been seen before, has recently been captured in Mexico.  A miner who recently arrived from Xilitla, a small village in the southern part of the state of San Luis Potosi, tells of the capture alive of a most remarkable creature.
   The wild man is now detained in Husteen, and will be transferred to some museum if his life is preserved. He is about six feet tall, vigorous, covered with long hair, and has blue eyes and a ruddy complexion. He eats raw meat and uncooked vegetables, but will not touch cooked food. He has no apparent language, but seems to possess intelligence above that of dumb brutes.
   Travelers in the remote mountains of El Apio a month ago saw the wild man and gave chase on horseback. The creature was run to earth in a natural cave in a hillside. There he was overpowered only after a fierce fight.
   There was no furniture in the cave nor any appearance of there ever having been a fire. Bones and portions of roots and fruits were scattered about the place, which presented the appearance of having been inhabited by the wild man for many months.
   There was a fragment of calico in the cave, which may have been a part of a garment. The wild man wore no clothing at all, being well covered with shaggy hair.
  After the people of the valley below were informed of the capture, they related the disappearance of a young woman from the settlement a year ago. Some of the captors thought there might be some connection between the rag found in the cave and the disappearance  referred to.
   Some persons advance the theory that the Wildman is really a human being, who has become demented, and from long exposure and rough living reverted to animal methods, even to the long hair.
   No signs can be found of any other specimen of the sort, although there is considerable unexplored territory that might cover a few more of his kind without discovery.