Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Yellowstone Bigfoot

Well, it's been a while since I've posted anything, but I'm going to try to remedy these lapses as best i can, especially in the Bigfoot/Sasquatch arena. In addition to having to work seven days a week at multiple jobs, I've also had to endure a fatal crash of my computer, resulting in the loss of most of my work. Backup will restore most of it, but it will take time to restore programming and drivers. But for now....

By now most of you have heard about and seen the many versions of the video coming from out of Yellowstone Park. It's a nice (b-roll) video, but does it really show what is purported to be a Bigfoot? In my opinion no. For one thing, if that was a real Bigfoot in the background behind the bison, the bison wouldn't be casually grazing as they strolled around.

From all accounts I have read about or seen on the tube, animals flee in terror when the Sasquatch people are in the neighborhood. Furthermore, the figures in the background appear to be more human in stature. They seem too thin, and don't appear to be overly tall in comparison to many height reports. They seem to me to fit within the parameters one would expect an average human adult to fit within.

I say "they" because it has been claimed that this is a family unit of Sasquatch. To me, it looks more like two adult couples out for a snowshoe hike in the snow.There are only a few seconds of the figures shown, bit it looks to me like the last one on line as a lighter colored jacket on, and as soon as this fact becomes apparent, the videographer zooms back out to a panoramic or wide view of the scene and we loose sight of them, whatever they are.

The usual breakdown kings and queens have all issued their proclamations as to the veracity and usefulness of this video to we Sasquatch researchers and fans,but I merely find it to be just another distraction in my search for the truth.

I've attached a YouTube video here so that you can take a quick look if you want to, but again, I find it useless as evidence, and shiws nothing Squatchy at all about the figures in the trees. Feel free to come to your own conclusions, and remember, everyone is entitled to have an opinion, bit we're not always in a place where sharing that opinion is allowed, and as always, facts are facts.