Friday, March 11, 2016

the State of Bigfoot Hunting Today

It's been over a yeat since I've written anything here on my blog, but I have been busy reasearching and trying to learn all I can about this subject. Bigfoot Tales is what I am all about, but I though I would climb back into the blogging saddle by taking a quick look at some of the trends occuring in this "genre" of interest, if you want to call it that.

One of the most, if not the most popular thing going is the much touted, as well as maligned TV show, Finding Bigfoot. They begin their next season this month by presenting a new show called "Supernatural Bigfoot. " I'm not sure as I would take the show in that direction, but as I've said before, it,s not my party.

Is Bigfoot a supernatural being? In my opinion, no. for one thing, things that are supernatural are not of this world, and as such cannot leave physical evidence. But we do have physical evidence. However, many insist that things that are supernatural can also be physical and thus there will be viewers and followers that will embrace whatever is presented as valid content.

This brings me to a second, and as I see it, dangerous trend to insist that Bigfoot is descended from the Nephilim. This also is a false theory with no basis in fact. Everything I have read concerning this theory is based upon mere supposition and cobbling together loosely connected tales and suggestions.

I have covered this aspect briefly in some of my writing and video work. Misinterpreted ancient writings are generally the foundation of the Nephilim claims. Sometime in the future I intend to go more in depth with this particular angle.

Thus far, in spite of the video and photographic presentations to accompany the claims put forth, we still have no proof of Bigfoots existence. We need to fix that, but this will not happen until we learn to take the time to analyze what is presented and filter out the false data.