Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Are All Bigfooter's Liars?

Once again we come to a point in the cycle of evidence presented to the public that suggests definitive proof of the existence of what we call Bigfoot today. And of course, most of the evidence is either flawed, misrepresented, or downright fabricated with an intent to defraud the viewer. Over the last few days we have seen a couple of new, sort of, images and videos accompanied by claims of visual proof that we just cannot argue with. The presenters suggest that the images are real, and since they are real, they are above reproach.

A couple of cases in point include one from Down-Under that present to us a Yowie in the raw,and another image that asks if the whatever they are in the image are three Bigfoot hiding in a cave.

The first one, referred to in this Daily Mail article shares the story from a couple of Yowie researchers know as "J&J Yowie Research" presents an image captured by an infrared game camera. It shows what they call irrefutable proof of a Yowie. I'm not so convinced, and given that these guys have a reputation in Australia as being a sort of Rick Dyeresque team, I question the evidence. Upon closer examination,it appears to me as though what we see is an image of a hand holding something wrapped in cloth, being waved around by a human being. Pictures number 2 and 3 of their slide show clearly show what could be four fingers of a left hand, with a reflection from a ring worn on one finger. Viewing the video, as the object turns to shows what may be a thumb.

Are they liars? My take on what I see in the video is that they may well be. The problem here is, are they deliberately making a video for the purposes of hoaxing the public into believing the video is of a real Yowie?  Or, are they merely presenting a video and interpreting it as a Yowie? I haven't met them, so I have no idea and cannot make that determination fairly, but what I can say is that my belief is that this video does not present an image of a Yowie.

 Do Yowies exist? As certainly as Bigfoot exists, I would say extends to the existence of the Yowie. Here is a link to a good video of an encounter by some other people. http://youtu.be/RSvcg80hyGY

A second image has come to the forefront in recent days that shows what the presenter claims may be three Bigfoot hiding in a cave. You can see three figures that appear to have glowing eyes. We tend to call that eyeshine, and many aficionados claim that Bigfoot have the power to make their eyes glow. I don't agree with that presumption, and no one has presented empirical proof that these beings actually have this power.

But at any rate, this image, which you can see here at Bigfoot Evidence, is pretty interesting,and at first glance definitely shows the three figure, with glowing eyes. However, upon downloading the image and working with it in my photo software, it seems as though these are not Bigfoot, but three owls of some sort. I won't bother with the details, but again, the question is asked, are these people liars?

Again, hard to tell since I have no acquaintance with them. However, to get back to the original intent of this post, are all Bigfooters liars? One would easily make the presumption that we seem to be, but this is not the case. Many time the error in presentation is not an outright lie, but a misinterpretation of the data presented. More often than not, our zeal to have the proof the world desires is so great, we simply bow under the pressure to be the one to present the long sought after irrefutable proof.

Unfortunately, we also have to suffer the multitude of people who present evidence that is not really investigated, as well as those that fabricate evidence to either gain acceptance, or to simply have a little fun making us look like fools.

Habituators are probably one of the, if not the most prolific sub groups presenting false information under the guise of evidence. While there are some that may indeed be having interactions with one or more of these beings, provided they are real in the first place, my feeling is that the majority of them are either living in a world of imagination, or they are playing games with us.

The inability, or simply the unwillingness of the rest of the greater world of Bigfooters to demand physical evidence beyond videos which are easily created and falsely made enables this sort of behavior to flourish. Instead of being able to conduct real research and investigation into this phenomenon, we are obstructed with a need to take people at their word, and as such prohibited from coming to any valid conclusions,

Are these people liars? Many are, and in fact I'll step out on a limb and suggest that probably the vast majority of them are. This statement will probably make some enemies, but as for me, I am more interested in finding the truth than I am in making faux friends over the internet. Are we all liars? Not at all, but unfortunately, we must deal with the stigma of those that are, and hopefully enough of us will arrive at that place that requires us to start calling a liar a liar, and begin to present the truth of this matter concerning what we today call a Bigfoot.

Maybe the truth is that there is no Bigfoot, maybe not, but until we start getting serious about the subject, we will never know for sure.