Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Could Bigfoot Be Human

In my latest book, Could Bigfoot Be Human, I take a concerted look at the possible human connections we may have with this creature we call Bigfoot today. Many is the theory positing what tis creature may be, with claims stretching from it being wholly human, wholly ape, some sort of "manster" or even a disembodied alien from a distant galaxy. So what is this thing that inhabits the dark recesses of the forests around us?

Nobody knows for sure, and in fact, not one person has been able to present a body, nor any other fully acceptable and  definitive shred of evidence to prove this thing even exists. The human aspect is just one theory, and few people have given it any serious examination, for many reasons. The DNA puzzle is the main progenitor of controversy in this angle of research, but this is simply because we really do not have a complete grasp of what DNA is and how it works.

We think that because we share genetic material with the monkey world then we must be related, but this is sheer nonsense. DNA are the nuts and bolts of biological matter that makes the creature what it is, whether that be human, ape, or even a gerbil. DNA are a kind of signal that instructs all of the non-DNA parts of the body in how they are supposed to grow and behave. They make us look like we do, and work in the ways that we work. Nothing more than that folks. There is no magical link that proves that we are related to the monkey families. But that's an argument for another day.

Getting back to my book, I start out by examining a bit of philosophy surrounding this enigma, and look at where the legends of Bigfoot came from. The book is full of foot notes and illustrations that chronicle the legend of this creature under the many different names he has held since the early post deluge age. Nearly every culture through history has some sort of reference to what has been called, until recently, this hairy man of the woods. Sometimes wild man of the woods would suffice, but the reference always included "man of the woods" consistently describing a man or manlike creature that subsisted wholly of the sylvan world. These creatures, or people, if you will, lived, breathed, ate, drank, slept, played, and surrounded themselves in a culture of bare existence entirely reliant upon there woods skills and habitat.

Does my book prove that Bigfoot is human? Not beyond doubt, but it does lend a lot of weight to the argument. Anything bigfoot can do, we can do. They look the same as us, just a little bigger and hairier, but is that so unusual? Not really, and as evidence I look at the lines of various indigenous peoples from around the world that may share some of these same attributes.

While not wholly conclusive, and it wasn't designed to be, if you have been sitting on the fence waffling between the human or ape position, this book just may help you make the decision that Bigfoot is indeed a human, albeit a little bigger and harrier than you and I are.

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Could Bigfoot be Human?
By D.L. Soucy
208 Pages
  Could Bigfoot be Human?

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